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Full Property Service

Quoted on size of yard.

Includes: Grass Cut, Weed Whacking, Flower Bed Maintenace, Fertilizing, and Weeds Terminated

Grass Cutting

Quoted by acers of land and amount of weed whacking.

Includes: Full Grass Cut, Weed Whacking, and Drive Way / Flower Bed Leaf Blow


Quoted by acers of land.

Includes: Full Property Fertilized, Weeds Sprayed for in Lawn and Flowerbeds

Not recommended during dry months unless watering lawn.

Seeding and Sod

Quoted by square footage and type of grass used

Many different types of seeds and sod insures results from patchy lawns to full yards.

Mulching and Stoning

Quoted by square footage and amount of prep & clean up required.

Many variety's of mulch and stone, flower beds are edged and commercial grade felt is layed

Tree Removal

Quoted on size of tree, location, and if wood removal is required.

Cutbacks and Cleanups

Quoted on amount of work required.

Could Include: Constructing or Renewing Flower Beds, Spring & Fall Cutback, Tree Limb Removal, Gutters Cleaned, Tapered Ground Around House to Prevent & Fix Water in Basement, and Ect.

Pressure Washing

Quoted on square feet and if a clear epoxy finish is requested.

Could Include: Epoxy, Stain, Pressure Washing, and Sand Blasting

Snow Removal

Quoted on square footage or acers.

Includes: Paved Surfaces Plowed, Shoveled Walkways and Patios, and Salted